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HeroRats have revamped their website recently and they've asked all their subscribers to make an effort this month to spread the word by sharing their recent press release. I know most of my long term friends here know already all about Ziko and the amazing work of the HeroRats/Apopo foundation in Tanzania. But here's a rare public post from me to help spread the word a bit further.

There are currently 76 countries and territories around the world that are affected by landmines and/or explosive remnants of war. In many countries, mines block people’s access to roads, schools, health care, water supplies, jobs, and opportunities to get ahead. Landmines injure and kill innocent people every day, and sadly many of them are children.

Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading killer of youth and adults in the world, and every second someone new contracts TB. These are daunting numbers, but a local, cheap, and efficient solution exists: HeroRATs!

One HeroRAT can clear 100 square meters of a landmine field in 20 minutes; that same area would take two days work for a manual deminer. In Mozambique, HeroRATs and their human colleagues have returned 1,312,027 square meters of land back to the community and over 44,547 people have benefited from our mine clearance activities.

A HeroRAT can screen 40 samples for tuberculosis in seven minutes, equal to what a skilled lab technician can do in a day. In 2009, the HeroRATs found 561 people with active TB missed in the hospitals. If left untreated, the average person with active TB can spread the disease to 10 – 15 people each year. This means that through their work, the HeroRATs prevented 7,590 people from contracting TB in 2009 alone!

Learn more about the amazing work of these life-saving rats at www.herorat.org or read about the science behind it at www.apopo.org. You can also adopt a HeroRAT, to get an inside look at their work!

My husband and I have been sponsoring Ziko since Feb 2009. Through his regular updates we have followed his progress through all his training, and he is now deployed helping to counter the threat of landmines in Mozambique, as well as recently having become Daddy to three more (unbearably cute) HeroRats in the making. Sponsoring Ziko is probably the most rewarding £5 a month we spend.

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Oh and while I think of it, I promised to plug my brother-in-law-to-be's new photography website:


He's just starting out really but I think he's got some nice shots on here. He works for a wholesale garden centre so he gets the opportunity to take some really impressive views of flowers.

Please check him out.


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